Wednesday, 16 October 2013


I sometimes look back at my life and think what would have done differently... very hard to say as I would not be who I am today...

In life we are handed presents that a lot of us take for granted, disgard or leave it for several years to go by to realise the true value of that gift... but the ones I love the most are those you find hiding away and have an opportunity to open with a wiser head on...

Some of you know that my education was not easy....I was dignosed as being dyslexic very early on... but was still branded mentally retarded and should have been in a mental institution...

 crumbs I cannot help if Maths is not my strong subject.... but one thing people do not realise when you are dyslexic a whole new world opens up for you...

 You see life in a new way, new patterns emerge that no one else seems to see... you find ways to make your life easy and simple ... I always thought being dyslexic was a curse...
 BUT my parents were so aware that there was more to me... they proved it when I had my IQ test done... yep up it was well above average , but only had the writing and reading age of a 9 years old at the age of 15...

 Now looking back it was sheer madness to let someone like me embark on a journey that would take me away from my famiy circle abroad, boarding in a foreign country, speaking english with a french accent ....

 But my determination was there....

 I had to do this...

 Mind you even though I loved my parents, I knew that I had to get out there to find myself...

 Who was I ? What was I really capable of doing?

 We are talking about a 15 year old. I was very lucky to spend 3 weeks that summer in London as an au pair for 3 boys whose mum was a learning support tutor but also spoke french.. so my daily routine would be tutorial in the morning and looking after the boys in the afternoon and evenings were homework time.... have to laugh as my tutor would say now Linda that is a dyslexic mistake, that is a translation and that is stupid mistake.. she was fab...

 in 3 weeks I got my reading and writing up to a 13 year.. now I was ready for England and a new educational system and lessons in english....

 I lasted two terms in my first boarding school ... just not enough mental stimulation....

 My next boarding school was amazing... the headmaster interviewed me and not my parents.... he realised that my grades where not great, but saw something in me that would be a big advantage to the school...I could organise, I had determination in other areas than academically.... there was a fighting spirit in me...

The amazing thing was that as the pressure was taken off me with my grades, I did really well.... well better than fails all round... got a B in biology... possibly a sign that some form of science would be part of my life.... which is not pick up in the work I do at Barn Therapy Centre

I  got my A levels, never went to university as the course I wanted to do was not even in exsistance, Media... was I already aware where my path was going to lead me....

After years of working in Sales and Marketing, I know realise the purpose of my journey, the experiences, the ups and downs that I had to experience.  Belief it or not I had a job as a proof reader... I know crazy but because I could see patterns, I was fast at spotting mistakes... but not my own.

So it is now that looking back on my life, I have finally opened a very important gift that has made me realise that I am determined, I can succeed, I am human but also that I can see a different way to do things...

  I have to admit this is one of the biggest things I am finding currently running Epic Studios alot happens unexpectably and you have to have a cool clear head on to deal with them without being flustered....

 So now you know that i belong to a unique and elite club.... some of you may also be in this club.. but I know I am in good company to have fellow members such as Richard Branson, Churchill, Tom Cruise, Susan Hampshire, Einstein, Steve Jobs and the list can go on and on.... We all have a different way of approaching life ..... and we are all unique....  

So beware everyone... never under estimate someone with dyslexia....


Friday, 2 April 2010

Do we take advantage of the choices that are available?

We are all living in a world of choices.... what music you like? what food you like? who you become friends with? where you like to go on holiday? but do we really think about the choice we have with regards to our own health or do we just follow the same routine that our parents followed.... go to the doctor or just put up with it.

Why do we not take a chance of chosing how we could like to look after our own health? Or even are you aware of the choices there are to help you improve your wellbeing.

Now to put this in perspective... imagine you are in a supermarket.... everywhere you look you have choices.... different brands, different quantities, different colours, different flavours... are you the one take s the same thing that you have been using for years... same tea, same cereals, same baked beans, same orange juice. Or are you the person who as soon as you see anything new, you try it... then make up your mind to either go with that because it tastes better or does the job better or do you just go back to your old habits.....

Use this image with regards to your health.... do you really know how many therapies there are out there that could help you when you are feeling down, suffering from headaches or do you just resort to seeing a doctor all the time and are happy to take another pill... I am not knocking doctors and the great job they do, and if I was run down by a car I would want an ambulance crew to take care of me.

I offer a wonderful choice called BodyTalk that seems to offer a choice to those who just do not know what is going on in their bodies. It is said that this is the future of medicine, a revoluntionary healthcare system and that is so simple and effective. I love it, my clients love.... and this is the choice they have taken to improve their health and fitness.....

But I also offer other choices in my clinic for those who prefer something more traditional.

Within the big picture... I am only a drop of water in the ocean of Alternative and Energy Medicine.

So what is your choice? Are you happy with your choice? Maybe by making a different choice you may improve all aspects in your life.

Monday, 11 January 2010

New Year, New You

What does this mean?

Just because it is a new year, have we forgotten what we promised we would do this time last year?
Get fit
Lose weight
Drink less alcohol
Enjoy Life and so on

Is this something that should be in the front of our minds all the time.

Why does it take the new year to re-evalue our lives. Strange people ... us humans.

I started my resolution in December, I wanted to be fitter and be drinking less by the time the new year started so that I could say, yes I am fitter , yes I have cut down my alcohol, yes I love life and yes I am losing weight... such a positive way to start the year... but this is not to everyone's taste.

If the beginning of 2010 means you want to change over a new leaf then do so, but stick to it... you are the one who wants the results and the feel good factor, not your partner or your kids or your neighbour... only you can change what you do to acheive this.... whether it be by taking on a personal trainer, joining a gym, eating healthy food, or even looking after your body.

Now the latter is not a silly thing... think about what you have done over the last few months or even in some cases... years! Are you on anti depressants, other medication, feeling sluggish, headaches... you may well like the sound of the next thing I am going to mention

BODYTALK - The Therapy for 2010

Top Sante January edition has done a feature (p29) on it, The Telegraph will have a feature as well this month. What is interesting is that BodyTalkis that it started in Norwich in 1995 with the founder Dr John Veiltheim teaching a group of us, this new tapping technique that he had put together using his extensive knowledge of therapies. Unfortunately, the UK was not ready so he went to the States. It is now being taught in over 37 countries, in several languages and also UNICEF are interested in possibly using this as part of their program.

So what is it? If you compare the body to a machine... there are electrical circuits that enable the body to function, whether it be the digestive system or the respiratory system or even the range of movement for joints and muscles, they all recieve their messages from a control point... in our case, the brain. Now if the brain is put under alot of pressure it will possibly only rely part of a message to a system and that in turn will work according to the message or part of message. This is also the case if for instance if a system is put under pressure through illness or accident and the brain is having to normalise the situation as best as it can. This is where BodyTalk is fantastic.... it seems to access the areas under pressure and release the area that in turn starts to work as nature intended and thus getting the body to work in harmony and in balance with itself.
It is wonderful with those who are suffering from depression, stress, constant pain, emotional pain as well as physical pain. Such a gentle and effective system that works for babies to the elderly and even for animals. If you are interested in seeing what it can do for you, there is a wonderful technique called the Cortices that helps headaches, mental clarity, stress, shock...
visit www.barntherapy and look up BodyTalk and watch the demostation of the technique. Give it a try.
If you are interested to know more about BodyTalk then visit

Remember 2010 is the year for BodyTalk.

Wednesday, 22 July 2009

There is a place for everyone in the medical sphere

Over the years of seeing my clients, alot of them have fallen in the category of not being able to be helped by the medical profession. I have had those referred to me to be rewired, those who had scans done and nothing was found, those who where told it was all in the head and the list goes on.

The medical profession do a wonderful job and if I was involved in an accident, I would want to be looked after by paramedics and doctors not someone tapping me out with BodyTalk. Once I was given the all clear, then I would resort to alternative therapies to help the body heal and repair itself.

I wish that the medical profession would be more open to alternative medicine. Reflexology is now been recognised, so is acupuncture, osteopathy and homeopathy so why does it end there.

When I do a BodyTalk session of some of my clients it is amazing how a small bang to the head can jam up the skull that then leads to problems developing with major bodysytems. Using a quick technique the skull is released and the body then starts to get information to start it on its road of recovery. I am not saying that just this technique will help completely but it is a start.

If the medical profession could start to get interested in what is out there and what help they could use, this could help the NHS work more productively, quicker recovery, leads to beds being vacated quicker and also patients being treated not only for their physical problems but also having any emotional issues dealt with that will not cause further blockages in the body.

But it all sounds too simple and that is the problem... people think things should be more difficult and take years to study to understand how things work..

Time for a change.....
What people do not realise is that sometimes the smallest blip in our lives can cause big blockages in your body. This can show itself up as pain, depression, stress, anxiety and so on.

Never underestimate what can happen to the body with just a small fall. Landing on your head can lock up the skull but also the Spenoid joint in the skull and this can have an impact on your digestive system, reproduction system, adrenals, body's fluid retention and the list goes on. It can also have an effect on your respiratory system if the diapham has locked up and then decreases the size of the lungs that can affect the amount of oxygen being distributed in the body.

So if you are feeling out of sorts, what can you do to get yourself feeling normal again. To get your body to work more efficiently.

Clients who have come to me with some of the symptoms above have all been given a BodyTalk treatment and in some cases there is an instant result with the body and able to breathe deeper.

What amazing machines we all are!

We all are incredible pieces of machinery, these bodies we have possess the world’s most perfect healing machine… it is not some amazing drug or state of art medical gadget….

It is you and your Body!

Our bodies, when it functions as nature intended, we all have an incredible defensive army called the immune system that protects and defends you and your body from illness, diseases, allergies, intolerences and what ever else tries to upset the nature way our body fights.

We are all the world’s most perfect healing machine… but sometimes due to stress, illness and other daily factors, we put an extra strain on the body and this can cause our body circuits to blow. This then leads to messages not being communicated in full or not at all to other areas of our body and then this leads to our defensive mechanism being weakened.

BodyTalk Access is a technique that can be learned in one day or two evenings. It lays out several techniques that help strengthen the immune system, boast the lymphatic system, help the hydration of the whole body and strengthen the spine as well as other joints and areas in the body. Look at is learning how to give your body your own MOT.

There are courses run on a national and international level. To find out about the next course or a course near you, go to for further information.

If you want to start to take control of your body so it can start to work as nature intended, this is the workshop for you.

Whether you are teacher, nurse, student, parent, grandparent, sports performer or just someone who would like to add another tool to their skills, BodyTalk Access is the course for you.

If you want to experience a treatment, contact your nearest therapist, the list is available on the same website.

Thursday, 18 June 2009

How well do we look after ourselves?

I am always amazed that the majority of the population who look after their objects and possessions better than themselves...

Put it like this.. if your car suddenly has a flat tyre, would you drive on it?

If you had a smashed window at home, would you leave it and just put a board over it?

No, so why do we do this to ourselves?

When faced with an injury or back problem or emotional trauma, we humans tend to leave it hoping it will just repair, heal and go away...answer wrong.

By leaving the problem, only makes things worse. Your body starts to compensate, areas of your body are resticted in either movement, ciculation or even water. Stress on top of this accentuates the whole problem.

This can lead to your health suffering, having to take prescribed medication and even in some cases leading to surgery.

So if you have a flat tyre, you mend it otherwise you create more damage to your car.

You would replace the smashed window as this can make your house more vunerable to being broken into.

And of course when your back suddenly goes out or you pick up an injury, don't just sit there expecting it to sort itself out.. seek help, see what alternative medicine can offer.

Your biggest investment is you.. so look after it, protect it and nuture it and your body will thank you by keeping healthy and well.

Take your body to a different dimension of wellbeing.