Wednesday, 22 July 2009

There is a place for everyone in the medical sphere

Over the years of seeing my clients, alot of them have fallen in the category of not being able to be helped by the medical profession. I have had those referred to me to be rewired, those who had scans done and nothing was found, those who where told it was all in the head and the list goes on.

The medical profession do a wonderful job and if I was involved in an accident, I would want to be looked after by paramedics and doctors not someone tapping me out with BodyTalk. Once I was given the all clear, then I would resort to alternative therapies to help the body heal and repair itself.

I wish that the medical profession would be more open to alternative medicine. Reflexology is now been recognised, so is acupuncture, osteopathy and homeopathy so why does it end there.

When I do a BodyTalk session of some of my clients it is amazing how a small bang to the head can jam up the skull that then leads to problems developing with major bodysytems. Using a quick technique the skull is released and the body then starts to get information to start it on its road of recovery. I am not saying that just this technique will help completely but it is a start.

If the medical profession could start to get interested in what is out there and what help they could use, this could help the NHS work more productively, quicker recovery, leads to beds being vacated quicker and also patients being treated not only for their physical problems but also having any emotional issues dealt with that will not cause further blockages in the body.

But it all sounds too simple and that is the problem... people think things should be more difficult and take years to study to understand how things work..

Time for a change.....

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