Wednesday, 22 July 2009

What people do not realise is that sometimes the smallest blip in our lives can cause big blockages in your body. This can show itself up as pain, depression, stress, anxiety and so on.

Never underestimate what can happen to the body with just a small fall. Landing on your head can lock up the skull but also the Spenoid joint in the skull and this can have an impact on your digestive system, reproduction system, adrenals, body's fluid retention and the list goes on. It can also have an effect on your respiratory system if the diapham has locked up and then decreases the size of the lungs that can affect the amount of oxygen being distributed in the body.

So if you are feeling out of sorts, what can you do to get yourself feeling normal again. To get your body to work more efficiently.

Clients who have come to me with some of the symptoms above have all been given a BodyTalk treatment and in some cases there is an instant result with the body and able to breathe deeper.

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