Friday, 2 April 2010

Do we take advantage of the choices that are available?

We are all living in a world of choices.... what music you like? what food you like? who you become friends with? where you like to go on holiday? but do we really think about the choice we have with regards to our own health or do we just follow the same routine that our parents followed.... go to the doctor or just put up with it.

Why do we not take a chance of chosing how we could like to look after our own health? Or even are you aware of the choices there are to help you improve your wellbeing.

Now to put this in perspective... imagine you are in a supermarket.... everywhere you look you have choices.... different brands, different quantities, different colours, different flavours... are you the one take s the same thing that you have been using for years... same tea, same cereals, same baked beans, same orange juice. Or are you the person who as soon as you see anything new, you try it... then make up your mind to either go with that because it tastes better or does the job better or do you just go back to your old habits.....

Use this image with regards to your health.... do you really know how many therapies there are out there that could help you when you are feeling down, suffering from headaches or do you just resort to seeing a doctor all the time and are happy to take another pill... I am not knocking doctors and the great job they do, and if I was run down by a car I would want an ambulance crew to take care of me.

I offer a wonderful choice called BodyTalk that seems to offer a choice to those who just do not know what is going on in their bodies. It is said that this is the future of medicine, a revoluntionary healthcare system and that is so simple and effective. I love it, my clients love.... and this is the choice they have taken to improve their health and fitness.....

But I also offer other choices in my clinic for those who prefer something more traditional.

Within the big picture... I am only a drop of water in the ocean of Alternative and Energy Medicine.

So what is your choice? Are you happy with your choice? Maybe by making a different choice you may improve all aspects in your life.