Monday, 11 January 2010

New Year, New You

What does this mean?

Just because it is a new year, have we forgotten what we promised we would do this time last year?
Get fit
Lose weight
Drink less alcohol
Enjoy Life and so on

Is this something that should be in the front of our minds all the time.

Why does it take the new year to re-evalue our lives. Strange people ... us humans.

I started my resolution in December, I wanted to be fitter and be drinking less by the time the new year started so that I could say, yes I am fitter , yes I have cut down my alcohol, yes I love life and yes I am losing weight... such a positive way to start the year... but this is not to everyone's taste.

If the beginning of 2010 means you want to change over a new leaf then do so, but stick to it... you are the one who wants the results and the feel good factor, not your partner or your kids or your neighbour... only you can change what you do to acheive this.... whether it be by taking on a personal trainer, joining a gym, eating healthy food, or even looking after your body.

Now the latter is not a silly thing... think about what you have done over the last few months or even in some cases... years! Are you on anti depressants, other medication, feeling sluggish, headaches... you may well like the sound of the next thing I am going to mention

BODYTALK - The Therapy for 2010

Top Sante January edition has done a feature (p29) on it, The Telegraph will have a feature as well this month. What is interesting is that BodyTalkis that it started in Norwich in 1995 with the founder Dr John Veiltheim teaching a group of us, this new tapping technique that he had put together using his extensive knowledge of therapies. Unfortunately, the UK was not ready so he went to the States. It is now being taught in over 37 countries, in several languages and also UNICEF are interested in possibly using this as part of their program.

So what is it? If you compare the body to a machine... there are electrical circuits that enable the body to function, whether it be the digestive system or the respiratory system or even the range of movement for joints and muscles, they all recieve their messages from a control point... in our case, the brain. Now if the brain is put under alot of pressure it will possibly only rely part of a message to a system and that in turn will work according to the message or part of message. This is also the case if for instance if a system is put under pressure through illness or accident and the brain is having to normalise the situation as best as it can. This is where BodyTalk is fantastic.... it seems to access the areas under pressure and release the area that in turn starts to work as nature intended and thus getting the body to work in harmony and in balance with itself.
It is wonderful with those who are suffering from depression, stress, constant pain, emotional pain as well as physical pain. Such a gentle and effective system that works for babies to the elderly and even for animals. If you are interested in seeing what it can do for you, there is a wonderful technique called the Cortices that helps headaches, mental clarity, stress, shock...
visit www.barntherapy and look up BodyTalk and watch the demostation of the technique. Give it a try.
If you are interested to know more about BodyTalk then visit

Remember 2010 is the year for BodyTalk.