Thursday, 18 June 2009

How well do we look after ourselves?

I am always amazed that the majority of the population who look after their objects and possessions better than themselves...

Put it like this.. if your car suddenly has a flat tyre, would you drive on it?

If you had a smashed window at home, would you leave it and just put a board over it?

No, so why do we do this to ourselves?

When faced with an injury or back problem or emotional trauma, we humans tend to leave it hoping it will just repair, heal and go away...answer wrong.

By leaving the problem, only makes things worse. Your body starts to compensate, areas of your body are resticted in either movement, ciculation or even water. Stress on top of this accentuates the whole problem.

This can lead to your health suffering, having to take prescribed medication and even in some cases leading to surgery.

So if you have a flat tyre, you mend it otherwise you create more damage to your car.

You would replace the smashed window as this can make your house more vunerable to being broken into.

And of course when your back suddenly goes out or you pick up an injury, don't just sit there expecting it to sort itself out.. seek help, see what alternative medicine can offer.

Your biggest investment is you.. so look after it, protect it and nuture it and your body will thank you by keeping healthy and well.

Take your body to a different dimension of wellbeing.

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